Designers Revolt

Last year I wrote about Designers Revolt (here). One of the latest Sköna Hem interior magazine had article about what happened then.

Cushions from Artek (Siena), Stockmann and H&M

Glass containers Iittala Vitriini, 

Shortly, Designers Revolt sold copies of design furnitures. Sales was made from Isle of Man in order to avoid legal consequences. Copyright in Great Britain is just 25 years after a person has died. However, Designers Revolt was practically run from Sweden, and therefore Swedish copyright law should apply. Copyright in Sweden is 70 years. Therefore two entrepreneurs were sentenced to jail for 1 and half years and almost 50 million SEK should be payed to both, Swedish state (22 million SEK) and plaintiff companies (27 million SEK. And for those who bought these products, according to Konsumenteuropa it's illegal to resell Designers Revolt products.

In this case, justice was served, although I cannot help thinking about all other companies who also sell fake design furnitures. What do you think? 

However, have a good weekend! I'm waiting for magnolia to open its beautiful petals one by one. 

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