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Sushi vol. 1 Rice

For several years, me and my other half have had passion for making sushi. Whenever we have enough time and fresh ingredients are available we make sushi. The most difficult part has been to make perfect rice. Rice should be short grain, white hulled rice. According to USA Rice Federation rice has a short, plump, almost round kernel and it is sometimes called "sushi" rice. Amylose content 12-19%. Cooked grains are moist, tender and tend to cling together, which is ideal for preparing sushi.

 It took us some time to find perfect recipe (for us the perfect recipe). There are numerous amounts of different versions and it can take some time to find the perfect one. We use a kettle and this recipe is for that purpose. Haven't tried a rice steamer-does someoneone have experiences?

Sushimeshi (vinegared rice)

3 dl rice
5 dl water

Vinegar mixture:

1 tsp of salt 
0,5dl seasoned rice vinegar
3 tbsp of sugar

Mix together..
  1. First wash the rice in a sieve with running water  for few minutes until the water coming out is no longer white (food technologically: there is no more starch coming out of the surface). After this, take the rice and place it to kettle and add water.

    Huuhtele siivilässä olevaa riisiä kylmällä vedellä, kunnes huuhteluvesi on kirkasta (ei kuumaa-vaikuttaa sisempiin kerroksiin, jotka ovat myös tärkkelyspitoisia-enimmäkseen amylopektiiniä) Tuolloin ylimääräinen tärkkelys on huuhtoutunut pinnasta ja riisistä ei tule liian tahmea jäähtymisen jälkeen. Muista huuhdellessa liikuttaa siivilää, että saat huuhdeltua tärkkelystä tasaisesti riisistä.

  2. Then cook rice. At first  on high heat, until the water boils. Then, lower the heat to minimum and cover the kettle. Don't stir or open the lid because the rice will handle itself from now. Why? Stirring causes problems for rice structure and lets water evaporate more->more problems for rice.

    Keitä riisi laittamalla riisi ja vesi kattilaan ja laita kansi päälle ja liesi täysille. Kun riisi kiehuu, laita tehoja pienemmälle  (lähes minimiin)  ja jätä riisi tekeytymään. Älä avaa kantta turhaan tai hämmennä kesken kaiken. Hämmentäminen vain aiheuttaa ongelmia riisin rakenteelle myöhemmässä vaiheessa ja kannen avaaminen päästää vesihöyryä ulos.

    3. After approximately 10-15 minutes turn the stove off (depends on rice). Rice can still be a bit grainy-like (not al dente). Leave the rice for about 15 minutes. Don't  open the lid. At this point rice is still not ready and warm steam helps rice to set. Lift the lid and move the rice in to a wooden bowl and chill rice for a while. Add mix of seasoned rice vinegar and sugar. Don't stir, it makes rice too sticky. Wooden or plastic spoon is a good option to combine rice and  vinegar mixture. After this, rice is ready for temakis and makizushis (rolls) and nigirizushis.

    Ota kattila liedeltä noin 10-15 minuutin (riippuu riisistä) kuluttua ja anna riisin olla kannen alla vielä noin 15 minuutin ajan. Liedeltä otettaessa riisi on vielä kovahkoa, mutta kannen alla ollessa lämmin vesihöyry kypsyttää riisin sopivaksi. Eräänlainen höyrykattila siis. Sekoita viimeistään tässä vaiheessa riisiviinietikka, suola ja sokeri keskenään.  Siirrä riisi esim puiseen, laakeahkoon kulhoon, jossa annat riisin viilentyä. Lisää sopivasti jäähtyneeseen riisiin riisiviinietikka-suola-sokeri -liuos. Puinen tai muovinen lasta/lusikka sopii tähän hyvin. Vältä ylimääräistä sekoittamista/hämmentämistä. Eräänlainen riisin "leikkaaminen" ja varovainen kääntely toimii paremmin. Tämän jälkeen riisi alkaa olla valmista makeja ja nigireitä varten.


Some snapshots, when making sushi. This is self-made tamagoyaki, pan fried rolled omelette before slicing. Start to prepare well before you start making rice. Recipes and video coming later. 

... In the foreground of the picture (on the white Arabia Teema plate) is some salmon for sake nigiris and makis. On the right is self-made tuna mayonnaise and in the background salmon with sesame seeds. On the left veggies: cucumber is without the middle, watery part (in order to maintain a good texture in rolls) and carrot is first cooked with some salt. Start to prepare these well before you start making rice.

And this is how it looks like afterwards..

Bon appetit!

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Have a good (outdoor) weekend..

Everything is open, nothing is set in stoneRivers turn to ocean, oceans tide you home
Home is where the heart is but your heart had to roam
Drifting over bridges never to return watching bridges burn
You're driftwood floating underwater
Breaking into pieces, pieces, pieces
Just driftwood hollow and of no use
Waterfalls will find you, bind you, grind you
Lyrics by Travis: Driftwood

I had to google these lyrics, because I couldn't remember name of the band ( Travis ). Listened this song and Travis about ten years ago. Always when I see driftwood it reminds me about the song (don't know why).

 Does someone know where you can find this? (hint: I know that our President would)

Wood anemones, one of the first flower after snow has melted away. 

  • Post about sushi
  • Sparkling wine for May Day (unfortunately winning Cava (test at Thursday's Helsingin Sanomat) wasn't available  at Alko.

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Such a perfect day..

...for starting a blog. Though ground is still more brown than green there are more and more signs of summer.

Nightingales and European robins are singing. Migratory birds flying above water.

First snowdrops...

Bye, bye winter and wellcome spring and summer.

"Suddenly the hairs on Moomintroll’s back bristled. A thrill raced through his body as he watched a red glow gathering on the murky horizon. It condensed into a thin red streak, propelling its protracted rays out over the ice. “There it is!” exclaimed Moomintroll. He lifted Little My into the air and kissed her smack on the nose. “Humph, don’t be silly,” said Little My. “There’s nothing to make a fuss about.” “Oh yes there is!” yelled Moomin. “Spring is coming! It will be warm! Everyone will wake up!” He picked up the fish from the ice and threw them high into the air. Then he did a headstand, right there on the ice. He had never felt so happy."

 Quote by Tove Jansson : Moomin quotations

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