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Ateneum and Street Gastro

Excellent end for this week. Tove Jansson exhibition was a wide presentation of her works. Earlier works were more narrative and later ones more abstract. Worth visiting. 

After visiting Ateneum it was time for a small snack, Finnish tapas at Rautatientori. Annual Herkkujen Suomi (Delicacies in Finland) event introduced local food and small food suppliers from Finnish provinces. I had three tapas, from which I decided to do my own version.

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Tove Jansson: Moomin mugs, Life as an Artist and a Painter and Tove Jansson walks

Tove Jansson was a Finnish illustrator, political caricaturist and artist. This year, on 9th of August was her 100th anniversary. Many Finns at my age and beyond remember Japanese anime Moomin cartoon series in 1990s', which was made in co-operation with Tove Jansson. After almost 25 years the Moomins are still broadcasted by YLE, a national broadcasting company and they are still very popular.


Many do recognise Tove Janssons' name behind the Moomin characters, but there is so much more about her. Few weeks ago I saw few Finnish and Swedish spoken documentaries about Tove Jansson and learned that she had talent for many things. There is also good, versatile BBC documentary about Tove Jansson found from Youtube (link below)
Moominland Tales - The Life of Tove Jansson

If you got interested in Tove Jansson's multifaceted life as an artist...

...Visit Ateneum Art Museum. Still, one needs to hurry up because jubilee exhibition is open until 7th September. I will attend...

..Or you can take a Tove Jansson Map and visit the places, where she lived, played and worked...

...Or visit other this years events.
Visit Helsinki : Tove Jansson
Tove Calendar

PS:  If you are a great fan of Arabia (Finnish pottery company) Moomin mugs you must see the summer exhibition (Arabia Gallery /Hämeentie 135A), which is open until 14th of September. According to Design Museum there are all the mugs from the 1950s' until today. There are some really rare Moomin mugs, designed and hand-painted by Tove Jansson, for example.

Since 1990s' Arabia Moomin mugs have been designed by Tove Slotte. I recently read an interview, where she was being interviewed in her atelier. Atelier was actually a beautiful villa in the countryside, surrounded by apple trees. It could have been in the Moominvalley. Really interested to see all her cups as well.

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Lazy summery days

Had a wonderful weekend at summer cottage. Children enjoyed fishing, catching clams and laughing and playing by the boathouse.

Hopefully will remember to take these moments out from storage when it rains, sleets and snows :)
PS: All the fish and clams were released afterwards.

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Kids room: more space for shoes and knick knacks

Remember our daughters' wardrobe?

This time I added some new shelves and Ikea's rack in order to have more space for our daughters' shoes and knick knacks.


 ...And after

 White shelf is a second hand find and shoe rack and Ikea's striped textile rack were already in our department so this up-dated, space saving idea was almost free.

Only the doormat was bought as new and was placed here. If you have to get dirty shoes here you don't have to worry about the closets surface.

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Back and alive :)

After busy two months it's time to sit down and share some pictures. This time on our holiday in Scandinavia. What an amazing trip and sunny weather we had. Later on,  I will make few posts with additional details.

Believe or not, this is from Scandinavia. 

No need to tell, who lives here.

In the footsteps of the Vikings...

Map to the Lego-kingdom

 Amazing fjords and amazing Helly Hansen jacket.

Shopping in Sandnes..

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