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Design favourites...SUUNTO Elementum Ventus : The best sports watch for on-board and on-shore lifestyle..

...if you ask me.

I have had several wrist watches that have been either too sporty-looking or too decorative and small for my taste. Not that I don't like sport watches. I just don't want to look like I am going jogging all the time. And decorative watches are not my type.

Then I found it. Finnish craftsmanship, elegant design, white silicone strap. Elegant stainless-steel with sapphire glass sealed the deal.  I'm not really a gentle user when it comes to mobile phones or watches. That's why it is a miracle (or actually sapphire glass) that there is not a single scratch though I have worn it since 2010.

In the box I had Elementum Ventus  with White Rubber Strap, which was a really good choice. Silicone strap has been worth every penny (or cent). No stains, easy to use (and wash) and goes together with my preppy clothes. Silver gray-white combination also goes well with white gold and silver accessories.

Though this watch is designed as a sailing timepiece and it has sailing features such as barometric pressure trend graph (12 hours), 3D compass, sailing timer and 24 hour log it goes well as everyday watch and as a stylish accessory.  And I have to say that I have used barometric pressure, compass and timer though I don't sail.

Occasionally I have seen this watch worn by men, but only once by a woman.  Perhaps the size scares  some people. Face width diameter is 44,7 mm/1,76 inches,  height 51,5 mm/2,03 inches and thickness is 14,3 mm/0,76 inches (Source: Suunto Elementum Ventus).  I think the size is good. What do you think?

PS: No collaboration made with Suunto or Amer Sports. All opinions are my own.

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Finnish Design Week

Last week was all about Finnish design. Newspapers, television and blogs were celebrating Helsinki Design Week. 

One of the events was Habitare, which is Finland’s largest interior decoration, furniture and design fair. It offers forms, colours and ideas galore. This year Habitare had departments such as Made in Finland department, Eco Design , Ahead! international department, Trash Design and Interiore. Because of busy week I couldn't attend fair. Here are snapshots from others.

Eco Design department.
Kaarle Holmberg : Kassituoli (bag chair=chair is in the bag)   
A brilliant idea and such a beautiful design.

Eco Design department
Kaarle Holmberg Laptop table
Similar idea. Both of the ideas 
would work out well in small apartments.

Photo by: Sari/Minityyli

Made in Finland department
Avaroom bunk bed. My kind of design. Love the drawers.

Lundia boxes

                       Photo: Sari/Minityyli

Design Market was also held during Helsinki Design Week. Design Market is the biggest design outlet happening in Nordic countries. This year Design Market had brands such as...

...Aero (<-Scandinavian furnitures etc. ) 
...Innolux (<---sophisticated Finnish design light fixture)
...Tunto (innovative handmade wooden lamps from Finland)
...gTie (<---really cool ties)
...Minna Parikka (<---Shoes with capital S)
..Hattulan Kaakelitehdas (<--handmade ceramic tiles for old and new ovens)
...Vallila Interior (<---- curtains, fabrics etc.)
...Furoshiki Käärö (<---did I mention that I am fan of Japanese design?)

What was your favourite?

Next post will be about my personal Finnish design favourites.
Have a great weekend! I will be off to Vierumäki!

PS: Kind regards Sari and Thea for lending pictures :)

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And was there any mushrooms?

This fall has been peculiar and odd when it comes to wild mushrooms. Three weeks ago there was almost no sign of mushrooms. Usually there are plenty of yellow chanterelles and some porcinis. Summer was so warm and waterless that for example poor chanterelles had died.

Fortunately two and half weeks ago fungus got the rain it needed. Last weekend was a perfect lesson  about different quality classes in porcini mushrooms.

One hour in the forest (no lying). We took only first and second class  boletus. Altogether approx. 120 litres in two and half days. . Naturally amount would have been bigger without cleaning, cutting and preparing mushrooms from pan to freezer. All at the same day. 

And it is worth it. When enjoying a perfect home-made boletus risotto in the mid-winter you remember the scent of autumn forest and the childish joy when at first you find one mushroom. Then another and another. 

A new mushroom for                 Boletus pinophilus, I reckon
this year-"brown boletus"
(ruskotatti in Finnish). 
Three ruskotatti in the far left.

A notice that we made this year. Boletus is (almost) every time near to toadstool (Amanita muscaria). In Karelian they have saying "Where there is a boletus, there is a toadstool". I agree.
Next weekend we will have a mushroom school. Hopefully there will be  a good variety in russulas, milk-caps (how describing word), black trumpets and yellow foots. We'll see.

Have a good week! Next post will be all about Finnish design.

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Boletus, boletus, boletus...

 Visited Stockmann's Herkku.
They have Street Gastro weeks.
Had some good inspiration 
that I will definitely try.
But first some classics..
Yep, some makis..

And about Boletus-family mushrooms. 
Those are the ones is what we're after this weekend. 
Fingers crossed.. 

Prima scelta (first class), secondo scelta... Personally, I prefer just first class mushrooms. Worms may have their own mushroom :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Sweet & salty and some knitting...


Good friends visiting, good food and enough outdoor activity.
That is what a good weekend is all about...
Kastehelmi bowl that holds ALL the necessary things.
Sweet and salty...Mmmmm..

Voilá..Rocky Road

I also started knitting something different. The result will be shown...later :)Here are some sneak peeks.

Woodnotes K-chair / K-tuoli

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