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Marimekko ystävämyynti

Marimekko is a Finnish design company, which has Marimekkoish patterns, geometrical and recognisable. With just changing curtains or cushion covers you can create a brand new look. 

Some people remember Marimekko from the 1960's, when Jacqueline  'Jackie' Kennedy wore Marimekko dresses on the President campaign. Women at my age remember Carrie Bradshaw's Tantsu curtains, Marimekko bikini and dresses and blue Unikko table cloth at Samantha's  pool  party.

Credit: Picture of Sports Illustrated’s December 1960 cover with President JF Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy from // Credit: Picture collage from George Interior design 

Marimekko had ystävämyynti (free translation a sale for friends) last week. It is held twice a year, in late fall and in the spring. Many popular fabrics, such as Pieni Unikko and Lumimarja were well presented. Also other home decor products, apparel, accessorise etc. were sold. On Thursday they had different cotton upholstery, cotton fabrics, cotton sateens and coated cottons for a special price.

Marimekko's Herttoniemi HQ and store

Idea for how to upholster a sofa with Marimekko Juhlaraita upholstery fabric, which is similar to Korsi cotton fabric. Unikko fabric in cushions is a classic.
Trendy Jussaro cotton fabric on the table. Jussarö is a Finnish island known for its lighthouse. Different hues of blue blend together in this fabric. Aino-Maija Metsola has captured a stormy night and raining clouds in a beautiful way. This fabric would be ideal as a Roman blind or curtain.

Also notice Astrid Sylwan's abstract and complex Vattenblänk on the left corner. It won Elle Interiör design award few years ago and I understand why. It is different and playful. In my opinion it would suit in kids room as well as in the living room.

Siirtolapuutarha is also really popular and vivid pattern. Here with blue colour. Word Siirtolapuutarha means community garden, with or without a small cottage.

We'll see later, what I found eventually..


Kuvasatoa Marimekon ystävämyynnistä.



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Kids room makeover-before

Kids room has been under construction for the past few years. At the moment it is a colourful room that suits for a small girl, but needs definitely to update and more space. Room has only 9 m2 (about 97 f2) and that begins to show. This is how it looks today. ..
Bed: Muurame Katinpoika Curtains: Finlayson Moomin Chair: Stokke Tripp Trapp  Rag rug: my mother
Desk: Ikea Bestå Burs Ceiling lamp: Tuomas (Yki Nummi) Vitrine: Second hand

Muurame Katinpoika with Marimekko Fokus bed linen (Picture from Karla / All I ever wanted is here)

Muurame Katinpoika bed (on the left in the first picture) has an extendable bed frame up to 2 meters. Bed has served well for the last 30 years and it still looks fresh and modern. Now we have to find a loft bed or bunk bed that creates more space into a small room and will be convertible at every age.

Timeless Stokke Tripp Trapp will also be in the future plan.

Finlayson's Moomin curtains have a lively pattern and they will have a good home at my niece's room. We have planned curtains or Roman blinds made of Marimekko fabric. Luckily Marimekko has their annual ystävämyynti at the moment.

Kids room has also Tuomas ceiling lamp, which was designed by Finnish designer Yki Nummi in the 1950's.  We like the lamp, but in this space it doesn't shine. We have thought about moving light fixture into place where it gets all the attention it deserves.

White wooden vitrine has been on the 60's blue chest of drawers. Vitrine is old second hand find. It has wall brackets and ready attached light fixture inside. 

Blue chest of drawers is inherited from grandmother full of Legos, Brios, Littlest Pet Shop toys etc. Everything that girl needs...Cabinet needs a little facelift, since there are few scratches to hide.

But more about it later. Have a good Wednesday!
PS: Thank you Karla for borrowing a picture!

Lastenhuoneen muutos

Lastenhuone ennen muutosta. Muuramen Katinpoika (Jolla-lastensängyn edeltäjä), Puistomuumi-verhot ja Yki Nummen Tuomas-valaisin lähtevät. Tilalle on tulossa parvisänky, joka muuntuu lapsen iän mukaan ja tuo lisätilaa parven alle. 

Verhojen tilalle tulee todennäköisesti laskosverho Marimekon kankaasta. Toivottavasti käynnissä olevista Marimekon ystävämyynneistä löytyisi jotain. Seuraavassa postauksessa Marimekon ystävämyynnin satoa.

Hyvää viikon jatkoa!


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Until next spring...

This weekend was our last time on the summer cottage (this year). Sauna, relaxing, enjoying good company and food, some mushrooms...

A basket (almost) full of funnel chanterelles and waterproof Henri Lloyd jacket.  

Few snapshots from the smaller cottage, which previously used to be a boathouse. 

Chair: Asko (similar to Artek Mademoiselle chair)

Love the wooden surface and Japanese style with bed.

Have a wonderful week! 

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Autumn has arrived

Pictures from misty Helsinki.  
Rusting leaves, reddish copper and golden colours everywhere. 

Also legendary Helkama Jopo bicycle fits perfectly to autumn  picture.

One sign of autumn is Helsinki Baltic Herring fair, which has been held since 1743. Every year fishermen bring to Market Square (Kauppatori) different baltic herring delicacies, smoked fish, eels and European river lamprey. They have also woollen products and handicrafts.

Mostly Baltic herring was in marinades such as basilica, coriander,  currant and sour cream-chili. I chose marinated Baltic herring with coriander and didn't regret. It was a good combination of sweet sour and salty with a touch of dill and coriander.

 Here they had European river lampreys. Had to have some :)

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