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Presenting kids (loft) beds #part 2.

As promised, here are some more thoughts about and candidates for children's beds.


Avaroom has aesthetic and modern kids beds. Finnish made kids beds include different loft beds, bunk beds and normal beds. With or without closets, shelves etc.

Avaroom bed with toy box under bed.

Avaroom bunk bed with safety rails.
Avaroom small loft bed with handy cabinets underneath the bed. It's also possible to add a desk, which you can hide under the bed, when not used.

Picture credits by: avaroom


Unipuu beds differ from other beds with their different design. First these pine beds seem to have really traditional look, but when looking beyond the models you realise that they are much more. Convertible, with a lot of choices and many options to mix and match. 

Bunk bed options.

A choice for a toddler bed. Bed has adjustable length and from extra parts (which you can re-use in the following beds) it's easy to create a book shelf.

Small loft bed with cabinets and drawers.
Similar bed with book shelves.

Picture credits by: Unipuu/Niemen Tehtaat



IKEA has a collection of kids beds, which vary. There are beds from a girly, romantic style to beds with a modern style. Here are one's in my list.

Stuva loft bed has similar look to Muurame beds

Modern look in Flaxa bed.

Minimalist will also like Svarta and it's sparse style. Spare bed is  also possible to add.

So the question is...To choose and what to choose..

Have a great Tuesday!
PArvisänkyjen ja lastensänkyjen pohdintaa ja vertailua osa 2.

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Presenting kids (loft) beds #part 1.

The following subject was laid on the table nearly three years ago. Kids room is not that big so we need a space saving bed. Most probably a loft bed. 

Sure there are dozens of well-designed beds on the market, but question is how durable, practical, multifaceted and timeless they are when child grows all the time. We also need to think about room height, which is 2,40 meters.

 Here are some of the options that we have had:


Muurame beds (designed by Pirkko Stenros) are classics and have been manufactured in Finland for  decades. It is possible to add and mix and match different components depending on what your need is.

Muurame beds have a simple, yet modern and beautiful design. Beds are built to last.

Muurame Jungmanni + a Trundle 

Muurame Jungmanni bed with  A Trundle on folding legs. You can use trundle under Jungmanni bed for bed linen(or for Legos) or you can push the legs down and use trundle as a guest bed. (Picture credit by: Susanna Vento)

Muurame Jungmanni + a loft stand

Muurame Jungmanni loft bed consists  of Jungmanni bed and a loft stand. When a child is in her teens you can take loft stand away and use just the bed. Curtains and Puskuri pads are also available.(Picture credit by: Muurame)

With a joining piece you can attach a) two Jungmanni beds or b) Jungmanni and Jolla bed together (Picture credit by: Asuntomessut) 

Muurame shelf system grows with child and is easy to take with as an adult.
 (Photo credits by: Kettukarkki and Susanna Vento)



-Build. Dismantle. Reconstruct.-

Lundia beds (known as Libra in Canada, UK and USA) are also manufactured in Finland and are designed by Tapio Anttila. Made from sturdy Finnish wood, Lundia Lofty is a bit different bed. 

Beds are modern, minimalist and airy. Lofty offers multiple ways to create a bed that suits for an individual from a toddler to an adult. As the name says I would see this bed in a loft house or in a urban house.

It's possible to add safety side rails and bed wheels with a stoppers.(Photo credit by: Lundia/Päivi Häikiö  and Staffan Sundström)

Lundia Lofty with an extension part and safety side rails. You can also create your home office underneath the bed with Lundia Classic shelves. (Photo credit by: Lundia/Päivi Häikiö  and Staffan Sundström)
Lundia Fuuga is a multifaceted shelf system for a toddler.
...and why not using Lundia Fuuga shelf when building a home office or bookshelf under the bed.(Photo credit by: Lundia/Päivi Häikiö  and Staffan Sundström)

Two Lundia Lofty beds with a smaller extension part make a bunk bed. And also this bed is adjustable.

Which bed(s) was/were your favourite(s)?

Have a good week!
PS: Next post will have more kids beds.


Lastenhuoneen muutos: Muurame Jungmanni ja Lundia Lofty lastensänkyjen vertailua. Kriteereinä kestävyys, laadukkuus, ajattomuus ja monipuolisuus.  Huonekorkeus asettaa lisävaatimuksia, samoin leveys (alle 100 cm). Seuraavassa postauksessa lisää ideoita lastensängyiksi. 

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Worth visiting restaurants in Helsinki: Sushi wa.gocoro

   Dōmo  arigatō    gozaimashita Wa.gocoro! どうも ありがとう ございました!

Before posting about loft beds in kids room, I want to recommend a sushi restaurant in Helsinki. Really tasty sushi and excellent service!

This sushi restaurant (or sushi kiosk) is owned by a Japanese couple. It's located in the heart of Töölö, just minutes walk from the Finnish National Opera and Olympic Stadium.

After years of both eating out and preparing sushi at home I must say that this restaurant is definately one of the best ones. Ingredients are fresh, sushi meshi is made well and the service is really worth mentioning.  We decided that this will definately be on our restaurant list. 

If you also like sushi go to Runeberginkatu 63A. Opening hours Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.


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Garden waiting for snow

While in Kokkola it's snowing (not raining ;)) cats and dogs, our garden here in the capital area is still greenish and only white thing is white gabro gravel.  

Our home garden is an urban kitchen garden, with strawberries and lots of different herbs and some roots. 

Hostas in autumn colour.
Surprisingly herbs, such as coriander, thyme, oregano, strong mint have survived from every Finnish snowy and sleety winter. 

Hopefully also from this winter. We'll see..

Have a wonderful week!

PS: Next post about children's loft beds

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Misty weekend morning

Few snapshots from last weekend. Our child was in a Halloween party so I had good time to prepare a family dinner and something for Fathers day, which we celebrate in Finland on the following weekend.

Perfect Saturday morning for a run.

Before guests arrive...
Preparing a lime-white chocolate cheesecake for Fathers Day. Recipes follows... later. After cheesecake became congealed (about 8 hours) I put it to freezer. 
Fennel and zucchini gratin, sweet beetroot with pinch of Valio Aura blue cheese, oven baked salmon wrapped in Serrano and sage and duchess potatoes. (Sorry about the quality of this photo).
Hopefully you had a good weekend as well!

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