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Christmas time

Scent of christmas tree and ginger bread
Kids decorating a christmas tree

Children spying on if Santa Claus has a real beard 
and a reindeer outside the window
Crackling logs in an oven 
Eating well and enjoying the crispy weather

Folks dressed up like eskimos
Test-drives with Stiga snowmobile 
while frost is nipping at nose

Such a wonderful christmas time we had. Personally I was fascinated about the weather so I took dozens of pictures outdoors. Love the snow and sunlight. Not so many pictures taken but more memories and moments saved. I hope that you had a great christmas as well. Interested to know about your christmas traditions!

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The Dog Hill Christmas - Koiramäen Joulu

Mauri Kunnas is a Finnish book author, who has created various children's books. In the early years of his career he was compared to English author Richard Scarry, because of the hordes of clothes animals. 

Rustic atmosphere follows in many of his books and that is achieved quite well in Särkänniemi's Koiramäki (Dog Hill). Though you wouldn't know the Koiramäki stories it is easy to jump into 19th century world. And there is something for everyone. 

During Christmas time (from 30th of November to 4th of January Saturday and Sunday) it's possible to see Santa Claus, jump, crawl and  climb at Drakkulas Castle,  attend to workshops (pimp a ginger bread and make small handicrafts such as small decoration car) etc. There's also animals.

Wellcome to Dog Hill

Picturesque old town with  Raatihuone on the left is a place with hobby crafts and elegant Café Guggelböö on the right serves delicacies.  Gunnas is a bookshop with books and variety of small goods. 

Raatihuone and hobby crafts. We made an old-fashioned small car and were helped by kind assistants. Furthermore Christmas cards at Granny's house was a great addition. 
Gingerbread cookie decoration with different chocolate pearls and strands and decorating icing.  

After adventure trail Drakkulas Castle settling near to open fire sounded a perfect place to calm down. As the evening was getting darker we enjoyed sound of crackling logs and warm sausages with juice and marshmallows. 

Just before leaving we saw an outdoor performance at Paw Theatre about Tiernapojat ( freely translated Star Lads), which is a story about Christmas. Here starring with dogs :)



Койрамяки в Сяркянниеми приглашает принять участие в старинных развлечениях.
Создатель сказочного мира Койрамяки – финский писатель и художник Маури Куннас. Его книги переведены на многие языки, их читают и любят во всём мире.
В недавно построенном в Сяркянниеми тематическом парке Койрамяки гости сразу погружаются в сказочный мир. Он отражает дух 19 века, настоящие дома и дворы того времени.
На ферме Койрамяки живут десятки разных домашних животных. В старом бабушкином доме можно попробовать сделать сыр. В другой деревянной пристройке можно поиграть со старинными игрушками, активно подвигаться, скатываясь с горки. Тут есть также хлев и конюшня, лошадки игрушечные, а коровки почти как настоящие.
В Койрамяки много всяких занятий и развлечений. Кроме того, тут немало магазинчиков, лавок, в которых можно делать покупки. В местном кафе Гуггельбёё можно съесть что-нибудь сладкое, а на ферме Прянняри плотно пообедать в домашней обстановке. 

На территории Кяпялямяки целый день идут театральные представления. В Койрамяки есть также замок Драккулы, который включает забавную полосу препятствий.
Приключения ждут вас – добро пожаловать в Койрамяки на территории парка Сяркянниеми!"

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After Independence Day

When I was walking home on Independence Day's eve I began to think how privileged we are to have been born in free country. Overall Independence Day is a day of freedom. Besides all the glitter and fireworks it is a day of celebration for national heroes, grandparents and grand grandparents who sacrificed a lot when defending the country. There was no options.

In general, we have a reliable nation and I hope that situation will be the same in the future. That children can play outdoors without parents watching all the time and police is trustworthy.

Enough said. With following pictures I hope a wonderful week start!

Table ready for guests... 

Afterwards we had something special. We went to see Doghill Christmas (Koiramäen Joulu) to Tampere. And what a great time we had! Pictures in the following post..

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Preparing for the festive occasion

Day after tomorrow, on 6th of December is Independence Day in Finland. Therefore I have made some preparations for the festivities. 

Blue and white will be the colours of the day. With a hint of gold and silver, of course. Gant cushion covers are perfect for the day.

First christmas decorations
Husky cushion cover was my doughters find and perfectly blue and white :)

More within three days..

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