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Christmas moments

When words are unnecessary...

Few moments were captured on film. Best ones did not have 
time to be captured. Hopefully you had relaxing Christmas. 
Have a good week and New Year's celebration!
We will be making christening preparations. A bit different 
New Year :)

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Star wars: The Force Awakens (with Sara Forsberg and Princess Leia necklace)

The Force Awakens is opening in movie theatres across Finland today and we're planning to see it within few days. My second half has seen all Star Wars episodes, I've just seen few. 

We have, or actually my husband has huge expectations for Episode 7. Let's see what are the reactions :) 

I'm waiting Star Wars for other reasons. I want to see how convincing language Sara Forsberg has created for Star Wars as additional alien language. Sara Forsberg became famous from this Youtube video "What Languages Sound Like for Foreigners".I think this multi-talented woman is a great choice for alien language creator.

Our daughter also wanted to see the film. She's a Star Wars fan and even dressed up as Princess Leia on Halloween.I made her this ( a bit tacky) Leia necklace. After this I found out that you can actually buy these necklaces. Necklace was created by Björn Weckström, ten years before first Star Wars. George Lucas wanted to have necklace from Lapponia and they sent Planetoid Valleys necklace together with Darina's bracelet. And I did this....

Princess Leia DIY necklace..

But now I'm anxiously waiting for to see the film. What about you? Are you planning to see it?

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The Swan of Tuonela 

Jean Sibelius has his 150th birthday today. Without a doubt his absolute masterpiece is Finlandia. The Swan of Tuonela is one of my long time favourites. In Kalevala the sacred white swan swims in the dark mystical Tuonela (Underworld) River that separates this world from the next. Swan of Tuonela is mystical and sad, yet hopeful. As a curiosity, Disney wanted to have The Swan of Tuonela to Fantasia. But can someone tell me what is Afterlife of Billy Fingers? 

Take a relaxing moment and have a listen..

PS: Next time I'll have advent giveaway which includes Finnish design and goodies.

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Christmas door decor (DIY)

First days of December. Rain, rain, rain. Still no sign of snow.
Though days are getting even shorter (can it get even darker than this?) it's nice and mysigt to burn some candles and plan ideas for christmas presents. 

As a door decor I made some improvements for the old one. I have saved corks from wine and champagne bottles and wanted to reuse them instead of just throwing away. I added some horse chestnut shells and pine cones which my child collected as a toddler. I just couldn't  throw precious memories away. Ok, horse chestnut shells were not my favourites ;)

I also planted a white amaryllis to Tapio Wirkkalas glass bowl.
How about you? What kind of christmas decorations do you have? 

Have a good weekend!

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DIY marble side table

Finnish Housing Fair had some trends this year. One of those was light sofa tables such as tables from HAY, By Lassen, House Doctor and David Design. Here are some of the examples.

Marble has been trend for a while and some bloggers, as Suvi have made marble table top for HAY table. I chose a bit different way. I found two IKEA PS2012 tables as a second hand find and bought some  marble dc-fix adhesive film / contact paper. 

Dc-fix film was really easy to put on surface. Just like covering a book. This is how it looks afterwards. Now I just don't know if I'll paint one or perhaps both table frames in black. I would also like to saw frame a bit and make table a bit lower. But it's a bit tricky. I would love to hear ideas from those who have done it. What's your opinion about the table?

Next time something christmassy :) Have a good week.

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Finnish Housing Fair: LakkaLaine

Then last but not least is one of most popular houses in this years housing fair. Light, airy and modern stone house with geothermal heat and solar collector made an impact-both inside and outside. Let's have a closer look. 
Interior designer: Sanna Pänkäläinen.

Flos pendant lamp suited in this house perfectly. 

With a closer look you notice that there is 
indirect light coming from the ceiling as well.

Living room  was spacious and it was well divided into smaller sections so it did not look empty.
Arne Jacobsen's Egg chair and Knoll's Barcelona suited perfectly into this modern house. As the icing on the cake was Balmuir's  baskets, buffalo leather trunks, lanterns and mohair throw.

Kitchen was open and and it followed some trends that have been here for few year. Kitchen had high gloss cabinets and integrated oven. Kitchen did not look monotonous at all because some of the cabinets were black. 

Each master bedroom had a bathroom. I really wanted to sneak to bathroom - I heard that parents bedroom had a walk in closet their room (don't know was it just a rumour).  Bed linen and buffalo  leather lantern was from Balmuir and chairs from Knoll (Bertoia side chair).

Wellcome to spa!
Sauna and bathroom were really spacious and timeless with huge 60x60 cm wall tiles. I remember seeing similar tiles in Sköna Hem magazine  this year and here tiles completed expectations.  

Unidrain  floor drain system was seamless and matched with overall look. I remember seeing this system when we were building our house. Feedback has been positive so perhaps it will be on our next bathroom.

White high gloss cabinets and big floor tiles in utility space continued the good flow from kitchen and bathroom.

If you want to see more (floating staircase etc.) take a look at LakkaLaine HD video material here -> LakkaLainevideo.

I think that will be (almost) all about housing fair. I have some details left, but no overall presentations. Next time I'll show  inexpensive DIY marble table, which happens to be an Ikea hack.

'Til then... Have a wonderful weekend!

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Finnish Housing Fair- Kontio ハルニレ Harunire

 Harunire means Japanese elm. House was named after harunire because  during building process family planted Japanese elm on their garden. Planting a tree is tradition in Japan. 

Harunire house had Finnish-Japanese family and I felt as Japan and Scandinavia-especially Finland shook hands in this two-storey log house. 

Surprisingly this is the second log house on my housing fair list. And yes, wooden surface was boldly shown in this house and gave certain warmth, as well figuratively as literally. I would call harunire house ode to Finnish carpentry and design. So there was Adea sofas and arm chairs from Kauhajoki and also Marimekko china, Woodnotes, Lundia and Artek were presented. 
Interior designer: Piia Kalliomäki

Classics. White kitchen cabinets and steel combined with tree. Cups from Marimekko - Siirtolapuutarha and Weather Diary. Artek Golden Bell pendant lamps.

ADEA sofa is on my wish list. It has had positive reviews among users (durability-both sofa frame and filling and exchangeable sofa hoods). Adea Plateau table is designed by Mats Broberg and Johan Riddersstråle.

Kitchen and living room was designed in open concept way. 

Japanese blue bed linen was calming choice for bedroom.

Adea Altto arm chair was combined with Artek's Lukki chair and beige Woodnotes rug. 

Second living room upstairs. I don't know why 
I was waiting for shoji rice paper screens 
to divide this space into  a convertible 
living room/guest room.

Lundia Classic shelving unit and Adea Tao arm chair. Picture credit by: Lundia

What did you think? Was there too much wood? Have a good Tuesday!

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Finnish Housing Fair 2015-Best details indoors and outdoors

For this post I have selected some of the best details in Finnish housing fair. Have a look! 

This really was an eye-catching element in the hall. 
It directly captured attention when stepping in.

Interesting idea for shower and toilet. There was natural light as well as well led in the corners . Some visitors asked if the owners were planning to keep glasses like this-shown for everyone. The answer is no- glasses were covered with opal-coloured material after housing fair. Notice also how you can walk around.

Clear glass wall in sauna.

Oriental feeling in the utility room. Who says it has to look drab?

Wine cabinet was integrated under stairs. What a good idea to use leftover space!

Table was made of leftover wood pieces. And it looked perfect.

This bedroom had excellent indirect light in the ceiling. I also loved colour of the wall.

Inspiring kids room. Colours, Avaroom bunk bed...

..And storage hidden and shown. There is some
 storage space in those white and yellow cubes as well.

These plants were clearly thought for this house. 

I have a soft spot for white stone houses.
In this house dark grey windowsills+frames
 and  privacy screen in same colour
looked really good.
Perfect plant choices for this house.

Have a relaxing weekend!

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