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Finally on Polyvore

I recently signed up for Polyvore in order to make scrapbook about interior design and apparel.If you want to follow me my user name is scandinavianlife , how convenient :)

Let's see what happens :)Have a good Monday!

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Weekend rays of light and porcini lasagna

At first I apologise for the delays in writing blog. I wish I had a bit more light at the moment. Sometimes taking pictures indoors gets a little difficult when you realise that there's not enough natural light. Good that there's always Lightroom and Photoscape and PicMonkey which make one's life a little better. 

Neat and always ;) (not really) We are waiting family friends for a Saturday dinner. As you can see I have not taken Ikea Stråla star away. I don't think that it is too "christmassy". Is there someone who thinks the same way?

Linen table cloth:  Jokipiin Pellava
Plates: Rörstrand Swedish Grace Cutlery: Iittala Hackman Mango
Wine glasses: Riedel Decanter: Pentik

Today we'll be having Porcini lasagne with layers of aubergine, spinach and béchamel sauce with sage and Västerbotten cheese(similar to Parmesan) and lasagne sheets. 

There is also some tomato base with garlic, onions, salt, thyme and Mutti tomato sauce but not too much. I've learned that too much tomato base in this dish hides away the delicate scent of porcini mushroom. Sage and Västerbotten ost/cheese however both suit really well for béchamel sauce and there should be more béchamel than tomato base used. In my opinion aubergine needs to be salted and dried in the oven before using. Fresh spinach was promptly boiled and rinsed.

I'l make a proper recipe one day..Now I need to go!
Have a good weekend!

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Winter Wonderland and sneak peek to kids room makeover

This morning there was some frost crystals on cold window glass. For me winter time is most wellcome with lots of snow. And today we received plenty of it. Wish I could ski well at least once this year before snow melts away. We'll see...

Rechargeable battery in my camera had no power left so following pictures are taken from our christmas holiday.

Picture of my parents snowy forest where we picked this years christmas tree.

German Shepherds do need a lot of physical activity. Which is a good thing though because so do we :)

..And as promised, here are some of the first glimpses to kids room. Still a bit unfinished..

Dog mat was chosen by the owner of this room. Lego guy works as a night lamp and Palaset/Palabox translucent drawer unit is for all the small knick knack. In this case it's a jewellery box ;)

Hat boxes from Stockmann.. Ideal for storage.

More to come about room makeover. Have a good week!
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Visit to Kristinestad

Happy New Year 2015 and greetings from Kristinestad! We made a short trip to our former neighbour town, which I had never visited before.     

Kristinestad (Kristiinankaupunki in Finnish) is an idyllic and picturesque small city on the western coast of Ostrobothnia. Kristinestad is bilingual, with approx. half Swedish and half Finnish speaking population. In some parts of Ostrobothnia it is difficult to understand their Swedish, but here I had no difficulties at all.

Raatihuone (town hall) on a white, crispy winter evening.

If you watch carefully, you see an old well which is far left on the right picture. Some wells have been restored and one can see wells here and there in town.

Few of former 172 wells are still in use and the quality of the water is often analysed. In the past, some even claimed that town had health wells because good quality of ground water and high aged people.
Third narrowest alley in Finland - Kissanpiiskaajankuja (free translation: Cat Whipper's Alley). Legend says that "Cat" is actually a nine tail hemp rope that was used to whip sailors behaving badly.

So no cats beaten here... Poor sailors though.
Kristinestad has old, well-kept wooden houses. Wooden houses are from 17th and 18th century and are worth seeing. 

Kristinestad is one of few cities in Scandinavia, which houses have evaded great fires though primarily houses are next to another.  When walking in the town you also discover something.  Further away houses are from the seaside, the smaller the houses become. This was due to the social classes in 17th century.

And when in Kristiinankaupunki, eat local food. 
We had a nice meal at Jungman. I had grilled whitefish with home-made hollandaisé sauce and pickled sea-buckthorn and as a side dish potatoes and seasonal root vegetables al dente. Pickled sea-buckthorns were similar to capers and something new and fresh.  Perhaps I'll try same with rowanberrys.

On our way home we made a brief visit to Kauhajoki. Idea was to have a cups of coffee and hot chocolate and a piece of chocolate cake at Valkoinen Puu. Unfortunately place was closed for the day, but... Next time!

Have a lovely week!

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