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Artek in living room

This week I bought two items from Artek. Artek is a Finnish furniture company, owned by another iconic family-owned company, Swiss Vitra. You could say that Scandinavian minimalism equals Artek without forgetting Arne Jacobsen, Fritz Hansen, Carl Hansen, Louis Poulsen,  Muuto, Hay, String etc. You name it.

So what did I find-Stool 60, pendant lamp A331 or something else? Firstly I went to store to buy something completely different (which I will show later). Then I saw Artek's 2nd cycle poster (found here klick), which looked suitable for our apartment. Better than I thought. And price was ok. 

At the moment poster is framed and waits someone to hang it on the wall to a perfect place. 

Let's see how long poster stays in this place :)
At first I just left framed poster on the sideboard 
(so that no one would destroy it). But at the moment 
I   think that it suits with this place. 

What do you think? Are you fan of furniture 
posters such as Artek or Jacobsen? On my next post something 
about simaresepti (mjöd recipe) and more Artek /Alvar Aalto.

'Til then, have a lovely weekend!

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Progress in indoor garden

Past month has been quite unusual when it comes to being sick. Unusual because we are seldom sick. First I got cold and week ago we got noro virus-one by one. Frequently I'm surviving from stomach cramps and really don't feel like posting about food ;) But still going strong and wanting to tell you about progress in indoor garden.

Few weeks ago I posted about herbs, vegetables and chilis which we plan to grow this summer. This is how these precious ones look now.

In Herbie Indoor Garden we have chilis-rawit and habanero and some thyme. Bigger pots also have chilis. Those guys just just cannot have enough light. After few massive failures during the first years  we have realised what impact light, timing and right equipments have. 

In smaller black plastic pots I have lavender, kale and lettuce. Although instructions suggested that one should pre-grow these seeds I disagree. I guess that we will use kale before planting more. If you're asking why we have so many seeds in some pots here's the answer. Plantagen kale seeds had "best before date" in November 2014  and germination percentage was just 75 so I decided to plant some extra. I think that germination percentage is still more like 100.

Have a good weekend! I'll be posting soon :)

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