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On blueish Tuesday (part 1.)

To begin with, blueish in the title doesn't have anything to do with mood. We just have blue colour in almost every room. Preferably navy blue (as scandiNAVYan indicates- I haven't misspelled scandinavian ;) ).Let's have a look.

Living room + kitchen

Navy blue shams from Casa Stockmann and Gant (on the right). 
Though experts say that these Rörstrand Swedish Grace plates are grey I tend to say that these are  BLUE-gray ;)

TV room/guest room
This navy blue Asko sofa -bed/ sleeper sofa has served more than ten years and still going strong. Sofa bed covers are fortunately water-washable.

Marimekko Jussaro fabric is still waiting for someone (perhaps dear sister to make faux Roman blinds)

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How to spot a fake Artek A330S ( Golden Bell)

As you can see from the following pictures we chose Artek's Golden Bell with brass colour from Stockmann. A short while ago I began my hunt for Artek  A330S. And that hunt was hmm..interesting..

K-Chair (Harri Koskinen/Woodnotes) Pendant lamp A330S / Golden Bell (Alvar Aalto/Artek)

Artek products come in white cardboard boxes with black letters. First thing you see when opening the box is a certificate of authenticity. 

I first checked  Finnishdesignshop , which sold Golden Bell for 345€ and Dutch  Sterkonline, which sold Golden Bell for 380€. And then what did my eyes notice?? had a seller who sold the same  looking pendant lamp for few euros per lamp.

Too good to be true? Of course the price reveals it all, but let's check what sales pitch has to offer.

"Artek Golden Bell A330S"

" Size : Dia: 18 cm <- - 
Material : Iron <- - 
Light source : E27*1  
Color : Silver, Black, White, Copper 

Design by Alvar Aalto, 1937.The earliest version of the Golden Bell (Kultakello) was designed in 1937, with a new updated chrome version in 2007.The A330S provides direct illumination. Made from steel with a painted white interior. Choose from chrome, brass or white painted finish."  

Underlined text says what Golden Bell is really made from and upper text says that it is made from iron. A quick view to other sellers shows that there appears to be also aluminium Golden Bells. Whaaat?!

Material used in A330S is steel. Neither aluminium nor iron.

Actual diameter for Golden Bell 17 cm (Other dimensions are shown in the next collage)

I don't know what to say. And it says nowhere that lamp is a replica, imitation of the real deal. Sadly the same seller has fake Arne Jacobsen, Eames, etc. products.

Artek Golden Bell

Real A330S. Chairs shown in the picture are Shigeru Ban's 10 Unit System by Artek and tables seem to be Artek tables as well. Pictures are taken from my account

At the end, what will this all do? How does this look in the big picture? Do people begin to buy replicas? Or do people abandon some design classics and begin a search for products, which are not copied  yet?  Or do consumers buy design products from trusted design shops and avoid for example Alibaba, which seems to have authentic products but unfortunately also many replica products. Time will tell. What would you do? Leave a comment. 

I wish you a good weekend! I'm planning to check if there are some korvasieni (Finnish word for false morels. Here (identifying false morels and Shades of brown: how to find Gyromitra esculenta (false morel))are some tips from my previous post how to find them. 

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After May 1st (and Artek II)

So much has happened during last week so I don't know where to start. May Day celebration was quite normal, except we did not celebrate Vappu in Kaivopuisto. Instead we invited some relatives and had picnic at home.  

It's always nice to have flowers.
Especially spring flowers (in red Aalto vase) 
which are picked by juniors.

Picnic at home: New potatoes, smoked salmon creme fraiche, different marinated herrings, asparagus with prosciutto and hollandaise, green salad with dandelion leaves, rucola, frisee and red vained sorrel and dry sparkling wine. As a dessert merinque with vanilla cream and quark filling, served with fresh strawberries. 

After dinner we went to see how kids are doing. 
And well...Lego Friends were on a holiday ;)

Tidier house than ours :) Perhaps I'll begin photographing 
Lego Scala house ;)

And few words about Artek. I decided, at last to invest on this brass beauty. It has been on my wish list for a while.

Can you guess which Artek pendant lamp it is?

Have a wonderful week!

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