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Secret forest and hidden white-tailed deers

First warmer summer day. Comfortable 
linen shorts and Wonders ballerinas.

 "No adults" sign 

In short summer of Scandinavia you have to make best of it. On 
Saturday we had a privilege to celebrate 90 year old near Fiskars and we enjoyed good weather and company.

As we were enjoying outdoors we were (twice) lucky to see white-tailed deers. Deers are really common in surroundings of Fiskars area, but usually we are so loud that we scare deers and other animals before seeing.

If you're lucky you can see deers in the middle of the last two photos. The vast woodlands around Fiskars has also lynxes, bears and wolves, but we have never seen those wild animals though-just crushed wasp nests. Do you find white-tailed deers from these two pictures?

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Queen of the Night

Selecting this specific tulip has story to tell. About ten years ago we made a trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland with my husband. What a wonderful trip! Central Europe aka. convenient, easy to travel, amazing views, lot to see and do, good food and company. 

We went seeing a friend in southern Germany, hiking in the Swiss Alps,  stayed few nights in Zermatt and then chilling in Interlaken and took a train to Morges. Morges might not ring a bell, but at the time we were there is a well-know tulip festival. Morges is a beautiful lakeside town and it hosts annual tulip festival in April and May.

In the left middle in this picture you might see which tulip stole my heart. I decided that if I once had a house with garden I would first plant some of these tulips. I even wrote the name of the tulip down-Queen of the Night.

...And couple of years later. One of the first items that I bought for our garden were Queen of the Night tulips. Queen of the Nights have dark maroon petals which appear black. Tulips are also some of the tallest and large-flowered tulips and take their own space. Sometimes a bit too much.

Because of the colour and length they look nice in a glass vase.

When we re-make a kitchen garden this fall we'll save these tulips. Every time tulips blossom I remember our trip to Morges. 

Do you have special memories about selecting roses, tulips or other flowers?

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Gardening with slimy visitors

It's already June and I have been so busy that I almost forgot to plant rest of plant seeds. Well now job is done, with help of Fiskars gardening tools. 

We decided to carry out new kitchen garden plan in late summer or early autumn so that we wont't harm growing and flowering plants. Before that we have patio cover plans for the summer. Easier said than done. Original plans turned out a bit.. Well about that later.
But here's my Pinterest account, where you can check my ideas for terrace, patio and covering patio.

Kale plants are still quite small, but it's about time to give them natural sole energy. Herbs such as strong mint, oregano and chives are flourishing.

Also Queen of The Night and other tulips blossom, one after another.

And these guys, snails and Arion vulgaris are slimy, non-wanted visitors in our garden. How do I get rid of snails?

Recently I bought something organic, which may help for my problem. It may also help organically with fight against dandelions. If it works I'll let you know!

'Til next time have a good weekend!

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