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It's hay time :)

I apologize for not posting for a month. We have been on holiday helping my parents with their chores. A bit different summer, but the weather in Finland has been quite unstable so my parents needed a helping hand. So why not. With following pictures I'd like to welcome you to countryside! 

Previously dry hay was stored in barns

..nowadays in different bales..
These pictures were taken two weeks ago when I turned off engine and waited my father to wrap bales in plastic.

I have a confession to make. As you can see from previous pictures I'm a farm girl (or woman-whatever). Milking cows and making hay bales is more natural to me than knitting.

Making hay is one of the most crucial things in farm. Our cows have  high standards when it comes eating hay. Our farm uses  no preservatives in bales and cows prefer it that way. After all, it is important to keep them satisfied.

We also met a new visitors on the field. I'll tell you more about those guys asap :) Since then have a good weekend! 

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