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Foggy weekend morning and some fishing

Somewhere in southern Finland. Late September, quiet lake and a bit chilly weather. Sometimes picture tells more than thousand words. Have a wonderful Monday!

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B-Smokery #Teurastamo, Helsinki

Restaurant is situated in an old butchery and that adds authenticity aspect. Neighbours are convincing as well- Helsinki Distillery Company is almost next door and Chef Wotkin (butcher, where you can order a whole lamb as some have done) just around the corner.

Inside you'll find an unfinished, industrial place. Unfinished tile walls, unpaired chairs and mix and match china suits here well. Someone says that this restaurant has pinch of Brooklyn others that Shoreditch is closer.

Anyways this place is the one in Helsinki where I go to get baby ribs. B-smokery serves southern BBQ and has a special ovens where they smoke ribs in low temperature for a long time. I had baby ribs with coleslaw and green salad with couscous and different salads and my companion had chicken burger with sweet potato fries. I seldom make ribs and haven't been able to make them as tender, juicy and delicious as I would have liked. Here they have accomplished with tenderness. Overall this time restaurant did not convince me with ribs flavour-it was ok, not perfect. However coleslaw and salad were both well-made and service was attentive. Drink list is rather short but selected well. My other half complimented their special beers and that beers are not over-priced.

Address Työpajankatu 2 RI C

Have a great week (-end)! We're off to woods/ summer cottage #berrypicking #sauna #porcinipicking

PS: On our way back we saw something intreading: Gelateria Jädelino with artisan ice-cream. We really need to try that one as well some time..

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Inside Out

I really want to say few words about Pixar's latest film, Inside Out.

Few days ago we went to see Inside Out (3D) movie and were all overwhelmed (and that's lot to say for a Finn).  It was not an ordinary Pixar film about small girl moving to another city and growing up story, but well-thought, psychological and yet witty film. It was yet recognisable Pixar film which (made me cry) offered plenty of subjects to discuss on the way home <- Haha, to be honest kids also sang the annoying chewing gum commercial song from the film. 

Story is about emotions with a bit darker shades than usual Pixar films offer. It's about triadic family relationships, core experience and in general how we feel. 

Film offers emotions in concrete figures such as Joy,Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. After French-Japanese Il était une fois... la vie (Olipa Kerran Elämä in Finnish Once Upon a Time..Body) which is all about human physiology and anatomy in animational way Inside Out makes the same for psychology. It has been a good choice from directors to consult psychologists.

Shortly, a brilliant movie which I demand all to watch-no matter what age group you are. Have a good day!

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Helsinki Design Market 2015

Where to start? There were so many places and things to see and do last week. Helsinki Design Market was held at Kaapelitehdas. House was  full of Finnish, Swedish and Estonian designers and design bargains.  

 My favourites were Pelago cycles-especially their fixed bikes. There is just no demand for new bike. Some people collect shoes I collect bikes ;)

Cara Delevingne in Minna Parikka Bunny sneakers
Picture credit by: Footwearnews/Splash

And speaking of which Minna Parikka shoes section had quite a buzz. And to be honest I really like Bunny sneakers the ones that Cara Delevingne wore on June.

Later that day we had a something small. Sir Eino offered Bollinger champagne in glass and restaurant next door had snails, Escargots à la Bourguignonne. I enjoyed my Bollinger but snails were a disappointment. 


That's about last week. Next something completely different. 
Have a good week!

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Makeover : Lundia Soihtu pendant lamps

Pendant lamps are now ready for the autumn and winter. Ceiling is more than 5 metres high so we had sturdy scaffold. Assembling rather  large pendants from ladders was just out of question. 

Pendant lamps were ones from Lunda-more precisely Lundia Soihtu pendant lamps. Before assembling lamps to living room we had them on our tv room. Soihtu lamps looked ok in tv room where room height is just a bit more than 2 metres. 

But in the living room lamp it shows its true nature. Soihtu provides really good, indirect light and enlightens whole room. Soihtu is not fully open. There is acrylic shade in the upper part of cone which provides light glow. I'll try to get few pictures when it gets darker. 

We like it, how about you? 
Vihdoinkin saimme urakan päätökseen ja valitsimme erittäin hyvistä vaihtoehdoista Lundian Soihtu-valaisimet. Pidimme siitä, että valaisimet luovat epäsuoraa, pehmeää valoa ympärilleen ja valaisimessa on jokin juju. Tässä tapauksessa Soihdun yläosassa oleva akryylilevy, joka päästää valon kauniisti läpi kuitenkaan häikäisemättä ja häiritsemättä. Otan vielä myöhemmin kuvia valaisimista iltahämyssä, niin saadaan parempi kuva valaisusta.

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Helsinki Design Market 2015 suomeksi, in English, på svenska und auf Deutsch

Before revealing pendant lamps I want to inform about Helsinki Design Market which takes place tomorrow and day after tomorrow (5-6.9.2015). HDM is the biggest design stock sale in Scandinavia. Check following programme and vendors from following web site: Helsinki Design Market

Address is Tallberginkatu 1 Helsinki...and getting there is easy, when you use for example Journey planner


Helsinki Design Market är Nordens största design warehouse sale. Gärna kolla programmet som är bilagat här. Addressen är Tallberginkatu 1


Hertzlich willkommen nach Helsinki und Helsinki Design Market 2015 5-6.9 von 11 bis 17 Uhr. HDM ist das größten warehouse sale in das nordische Länder. Die addresse ist Tallberginkatu 1.


Ja sama suomeksi.. Helsinki Design Market 5-6.9.2015 klo 11-17 Kaapelitehtaalla. Designia suomalaisilta, ruotsalaisilta ja virolaisilta näytteilleasettajilta. Täällä ohjelma. Seuraavassa postauksessa paljastuu tuliko olohuoneeseen Sectoa, artekia, Lundiaa vai Poulsenia.

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