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Finnish Housing Fair - Penni

Hands up those who have watched Solsidan? I bet that Alex Löfström and Anna Svensson would definitely have loved this vintage style house. 

Even though Penni house had chic vintage style it had modern heating system and well-thought floor plan (120 square meters). As a passive energy house insulation was well thought. Solar panels were combined to warm water system and heating system. Also capacitive fireplace deserves extra credits. Capacitive fireplace  conducted warmth all over the house via specific pipes which were integrated in the concrete slap. Fireplace itself stays neutral warm.

Modern kitchen with (plenty of) drawers gets always extra points from me. Conductive fireplace was situated on the right (you see a glimpse of it), in the centre of kitchen and living room.

Vintage sofa and armchairs were a perfect choice. I just kept thinking if floor lamp pendant lamp were Paavo Tynell's...

Vintage style continued in the workroom.

Odhni wallpaper (Designers Guild) suited well to this house.

Designers Guild's Jade Temple wallpaper in the bedroom was bold, yet surprisingly calm choice.

Bathrooms and sauna were timeless. Loved especially earthy, neutral colours.

Reference: Conductive fireplace Passiivikivitalot

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Finnish Housing Fair 2015 Vantaa

We visited Finnish Housing Fair in the late summer. In some of the next posts I'll highlight houses from the fair: about interior design, designers and technical details which made an impact to me.

Finnish Housing Fair is held annually and Housing Fair city is usually selected few years in advance. This year Housing Fair was held in Kivistö of Vantaa. Kivistö is a district of city of Vantaa and located in the capital area just next to the Helsinki-Vantaa  airport and Ring Rail Line. 

I was really looking forward this years housing fair because my brother lives in the housing fair neighborhood. This years Housing Fair was  primarily about detached houses. There was also semi-detached houses, group building houses and apartments just next to  Kivistö railway station.

Because of the location I was looking forward for a bit smaller houses with clever storage ideas. I'm fascinated about New Yorkers small, convertible flats and Japanese way of making minimalist, yet with practical storage solutions. Also affordability was on my list-I don't think house an investment because of interests, maintenance costs etc.

Join the ride!

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Tv room makeover #2 hiding cables and few things about acoustics

Audio system cables together with  television and Playstation cables are mainly hided behind baseboard in specific tracks. Cable system is also partly behind cable trunking. Hiding cables  gives room a little more space and definately eases cleaning.

Let's demonstrate a bit.

As mentioned in previous post room is optimal for television. Partly because acoustics is better than in living room (though we have improved that thing with some changes). Partly because television does not disturb while eating. And also late night movies are better to watch in this room rather than in living room. Floor plan is after all quite open and this arrangement does not disturb those who want to sleep upstairs. 

Elac loudspeaker system is petite, but there's powerful German craftsmanship behind all that. We tested several loudspeakers and this had highest fidelity. Clear sound reinforcement system and  compact size were both good additions. 

How about you? Do you have good tips about sound system or hiding cables?

Next time something about Finnish Housing Fair 2015. 'Til then have a good weekend :)

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TV room makeover part #1

Have you ever been in a situation where you have done one post for several times and you're still not satisfied? Join the club. I made a sofa change for our tv room for a while ago and (finally) I have the first part.

At first television was in our living room but we made some rearrangements and television found its way to our guest room. It's mounted onto the wall and there are no cords hanging anymore.

Guest room has less light than in most of the rooms. Therefore it's ideal for television. One handy (wo)man could also replace tv and put rolling blind with silver screen in front of two windows... Hmm, later.

Previous sofa-bed was recycled into new home and replaced with BoConcept Melo. It's 180 cm wide sofa-bed. Before buying convertible sofa we had wishlist: max. 180 wide; sturdy; timeless; easy to clean; narrow armrests. Narrow armrests maximise bed size, which in Melo is around 160 cm. Wideness was crucial since we want to keep sofa also so that it's situated towards tv and there is still enough space to pass.

Carpet is ok at the moment-it's in the room for acoustical reasons, room needs better light fixture and Hay Tray table still needs company.. Some things need to be done, but I have few ideas.

But that is another story. Next I'll have another part of the makeover-something about audio system and hiding cables. Have a good Tuesday!

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Early morning

The days are getting chillier each day. This is how it looks like in the morning on my way to work. This time I was not that busy (although I had to cycle twice as fast after these pictures, because I was freezing).

I like cycling all year around even if it rains, sleets or snows. As Norwegians would say (or so I've heard) there's no bad weather there is just bad clothing. From personal experience foreigners think that cycling on icy ground sounds absurd. Well, so do some of my Finnish friends as well. For that reason me and my second half have more than one bike. And of course I have winter tyres.

Although we have enough bikes I cannot help drooling for new one. Last collage is all about Pelago Bristol, which I saw-just by accident. Did I mention that I love bicycles ?

Have a great week! Next post is about room makeover..

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London calling...

This weekend I was out with friends in a Mexican restaurant Maya (click), which is located right next to Central Railway Station. Food was really good and it was reasonable priced. I ordered several smaller dishes-sort of Mexican tapas. The place also had a pleasant ambience and good service. 

Exactly 15 years ago I had a dinner there as well (in those days it was an Italian restaurant. A night before I left Finland to work in London. Moving to another country was a leap into the unknown. I had just finished working in my earlier job and moved to completely different city. Vibrant, multinational and multicultural city with full of surprises.

On the day I arrived to Heathrow Airport it was raining cats and dogs. One of the first things in London was to travel in double-deck bus (I guess they don't have the old-fashioned ones anymore) to Oxford Street, where I bought an (expensive) umbrella from Marks and Spencers. It was extremely durable and worth every penny. 

Before I first set foot in London I  knew that it would rain and therefore I decided to love rain. I also wanted to adapt big city life and learnt to be kind of street-wise. Working and life in general was quite hectic in London. Meanwhile I learnt that it is crucial to be openminded with common sense (naturally). In Rome do as the Romans do. It eased things and home-sickness. Of course there were days when I really did not have a blast, but mostly it's up to oneself how he/she handles.

What do you think? Have you worked abroad?

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