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DIY sofa table

Sofa table was made of remaining wood material from terrace decking.  It's sturdy and my kind of table because I don't want everything to be from big furniture suppliers. It's also right size and we can put it next to window, in front of sofa and next to sofa.

I'm amazed how much changing sofa table and rug can do. Sofa and Woodnotes' K chairs are far most expensive items in the living room so this is an inexpensive way and it changes the whole look. 

As days get darker I  brought PS Stockholm lamp downstairs from workroom and it makes room look modern. It also creates beautiful, indirect light what I appreciate while working. Nowadays it seems hard to find nice looking table lamps from IKEA. Or is it just me getting pickier?

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Meanwhile in wintery Finland...

In Finland we're currently living in a real winter wonderland. Lots of snow and still not too cold. This is what winter should look like. Hopefully snow does not melt in weeks (or months). Have a winter-wonderful Friday!

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Ikea Lohals and new sofa table DIY plans

Some changes were made in our living room last week. Sisal rug was changed to Ikea's Lohals (former Tarnby/Tårnby) jute rug.

Lohals is as timeless as Egeby was. It also feels more comfortable under feet. However, I'm considering buying rug underlay with antislip. Although we have kept rug outdoors and I've beaten carpet numerous times it feels as carpet has endless amount of sand hidden inside.

Yes, I know that Lohals carpets are somehow sun-dried on/over sand. I wanted to believe that I don't need extra antislip under carpet. Still, even hardwood floor does not help in case sand keeps coming on the floor.

 Also sofa table will be changed within few weeks. Previous sofa table was PS 2012 with DIY marble surface.   Following pictures give  some hint about upcoming change.

Found those gorgeous lavenders from Pirilän Kukkatalo. Hopefully I'm able to keep them alive until next spring

Secondly, Mads Mikkelsen (talented Danish actor from such films as The Hunt, Casino Royale and Efter brylluppet) caught my immediate attention while shopping at Vepsäläinen. BoConcept is one of my favourite brands and  for example their Melo sofa bed has been worth every penny.

BoConcept magazine had also very similar integrated audio system as Murean, which I presented while ago. Vepsäläinen and Muurame surprised me in a pleasent way.. Will tell about that later..

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Living room makeover: rugs

How different can living room look with different carpets and rugs! I had two different carpet makeover visions which I tested during the weekend.

 1. Southern Ostrobothnian look, 
with a modern twist

This idea was stolen from Helena Karihtala, who is one of my favourite interior designers. In Pohjanmaa house she used typical Southern Ostrobothnian, hand woven rugs and gave interior more authenticity. 

Picture credit by: Deko Magazine, Mirva Kakko and Niclas Mäkelä /Otavamedia

First I used rugs, which were hand-woven by my mother. Rugs have been in use upstairs. Living room looked fresh and Scandinavian, in my opinion. Good thing was that carpets could be used together or separately.  

Something old and something new... I find old cabinet suitable for many spaces in our home. Also in the living room.


2. Modern Scandinavian meets beach house

Jute rugs somehow represents comfy, yet elegant and timeless  beach house. In my opinion rugs suit really well also with modern Scandinavian homes. Sofa, Woodnotes K chairs and old cabinet with birch bark basket go well with jute rug. Carpet can be used as a single or with two next to one another. 

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Habitare2016-ideas for kids room

Last snapshots from Habitare. I found ideas for small kids room from Finnish Avaroom and LumoKids.

You can use LumoKids Ketara as normal loft bed (bed 
on the right) or turn it upside down (bed on the left).  LumoKids is fairly new Finnish company, which 
produces sustainable and long-lasting beds. Small, 
white chair works also as a storage. 

Avaroom presented its beds, storage possibilities and tables. 
I like how convertible it is. At the moment they 
have 150€ delivery offer in Europe and a really good 
offer for loft bed. And this isn't either a 
commercial nor business affiliation. 

Sofa/ sofa  bed with extra storage

Some of the general trends were seen in this kids room. 

Pantone's colour of the year, Rose Quartz colour was seen in the painting, on the blanket and in Arne Jacobsen's Seven chair. Wood vaneer and natural elements also influenced strongly.

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Marimekko ystävämyynti and brunch menu fall 2016

Annual Marimekko fall sale is held on 25. - 30.10. Behind this link are some of the fabrics, clothes, accessories and tableware. Marimekko House in Herttoniemi (Kirvesmiehenkatu 7, Helsinki)is a classic ystävämyynti place. You just take metro / underground to HERTTONIEMI and from there it's a short walk to Marimekko HQ. Usuallly you just need to follow chic Japanese ladies or ask directions.

If you're in a hurry to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Sähkötie 2-6 in Vantaa is a better option. In this (click) previous post I presented tips for using and buying Marimekko and also how to get to Marimekko Vantaa store.

While shopping, it is also possible to have a brunch or lunch in the same building. Brunch is held on Saturday and Sunday and lunch on weekdays. If you bring your husband and/or kids this could be a wonderful idea for them.  

Menu looked promising-it had Scandinavian, especially Finnish acsents. As a definate plus I want to mention seasonal foods, salmon, vendace and Finnish cheese selection. Same restaurant serves as a staff restaurant so you might bump into Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko, Anna Teurnell, designers and all other Marimekko workers.

BRUNCHMENU (in Finnish-I'll translate within time..)

Tyrniglögiä ja karpalolimonaadia
Saaristolaisleipää ja maalaisvehnäleipää & kirnuvoita
Raikasta vihreää salaattia ja minttuvinaigretteä
Marinoitua punajuurta, rosmariinia ja tummaa balsamicoa
Paahdettua kurpitsaa, lehtikaalia, spelttiä ja pinkkiä sipulia
Perinteistä sienisalaattia
Kylmäsavulohiskagenia ja mallasleipäkrutonkeja
Savumuikkuja ja valkosipulisilakkaa
Lämminsavukirjohta ja hovimestarinkastiketta
Yön yli kypsennettyä härän poskea ja kermaista suppilovahverokastiketta
Pähkinäistä porkkanamureketta ja puolukkaa
Munakasta Lapin puikulaperunasta ja Maritorin pestoa
Höyrynakkeja, paahdettua sipulia ja kurkkusalaattia
Kauden hedelmiä
Kotimaisia juustoja ja viikunahilloa
Brookies ja hapankirsikkaa
Vaniljaista omenapiirakkaa ja marenkia
Kinuskia ja karpaloa tartaletissa



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IKEA Egeby sisal rug - pros and cons

We have carpet issue at home. Our sisal carpet is IKEA's  largest Egeby carpet - 2*3 meters and it still feels as it's not big enough. After active summer we decided  it's time to make some changes at home. We already bought another white Woodnotes K chair and now it looks like we will change carpet. As you can see Egeby carpet does not cover the whole area.

Overall pros

 + carpet has latex anti-slip backing, which keeps the carpet firmly in place on the floor. Nowadays Ikea has Osted carpet in which you have to buy extra non-slip rug and still I felt that it's not worth buying. Osted also looked a bit cheap and coarser in my opinion. 
+looks great with oak floors.
+ affordable and worth bying.
+ Egeby improved soundproofing  in our house, which has concrete walls. However, any bigger carpet can do this
+ rather easy to clean. There was just one small grease stain, which I could not clean.


- If you roll rug loose and leave it, the rug will have visible folds. Look picture above text
-carpet feels spiky if you sit on the floor. It didn't feel good while assembling Legos on the floor.
- size issue.

In the next post I'll present rug options for living room and final result. Have a good weekend!

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Carpet change: after

A bit of marble, silver, Scandinavian and Maroccon acsents. This is how television room looks at the moment. Walls remained how they were: painted with Tikkurila paints. We moved BoConcept Melo sofa a little. 

Pictures from previous situation here.

This table lamps adds  Maroccon twist with Hay Tray table.

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Carpet change: Anno Jalpaikka vs. Beni Ourain

Do you remember this? It's Anno Jalpaikka, wool carpet, designed by Susanna Vento. Jalpaikka carpet is a bit similar to Beni Ourain's carpet, with acsents from Karelian handicraft and Scandinavian simplicity.

Wool carpet Anno Jalpaikka 

I fell in love with this carpet at Finnish Housing Fair last year (Best kids rooms) without knowing anything about it at the moment.

After that I googled a bit and soon realized that it might "The Carpet " for one particular room. I'll tell more in the next post. 

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Habitare2016- Marimekko and Hakola

Finnish Marimekko and Hakola both managed to surprise and be  unique.

MARIMEKKO's patterns had influence from 1970's

Artek's and Hay's products were well combined with Marimekko.

 I just don't know why I got these Jackie O vibes.

Innovative Hakola shelves. Pendant lamps Innojok Pasila. 

Sofa table Hakola and Lempi shelf for Hakola, 
designed by Anni Pitkäjärvi 

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Habitare 2016 - hidden gems

Finnish interior and design fair Habitare introduced many hidden gems, such as Murean acoustic system of which I blogged earlier (click) and some from earlier Habitare (click). Here are some more pearls I found.

Contemporary Finnish design.
Sofa table Plateau/Adea, Mrs Jones sofa / Adea, armchair December / Nikari, Ruutu vase / Iittala, ceramics/Artek, Cushions Minä, Perhonen /Artek, floorlamp Square Form /Finom, 
Painting / Helsinki Contemporary. 

Lavitta chairs/Poiat, trolley Alvar Aalto / Artek, table lamp Akari/Vitra, painting/ Helsinki Contemporary, Berber carpet /Madesign

Hanna-Leena Heikkilä's and Anni Pitkäjärvi's Vuono pendant lamp. Vuono is made of Koskisen very thin and high quality airplane plywood. Beautiful,indirect light. Loved it! I took at least 10 pictures. There's also "Lempi", a small buduoir shelf, which can be placed in a bedroom, bathroom or entrance hall. It can be used to display one's favourite perfumes and jewelry. Check out more about usability from here.

         Anni Pitkäjärvi's "Pinna"  hatrack and I was sold. 
         I pictured this already at home.

White "Lempi" shelf in the living room

Tulikivi Kaira fireplace. Love the modern look in this fireplace. My parents have bigger Tulikivi fireplace and this would fit in urban surroundings perfectly. Soapstone has an excellent capacity to store heat for a basic heater.

ProtoShop department. "Party" chair from Carlo Raymann. 
Beautifully designed chair made of three identical pieces of veneer.

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