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Lego storage containers for girl's room

It's about time! I have made some rearrangements for kids room. We needed some extra table space for all Legos (Star Wars, Friends, Scala, City, Creator and Elves). And when bunch of kids play with Legos they require more table space. Since pink is no longer The Colo§ur on girls colour palette white is neutral and longer-lasting... Or so I wish ;)

Unfortunately Pinterest did not offer many adjustable ideas for small spaces. Therefore we created some of our own. In this case I found  this extendable birch Ikea Norden table with foldable legs and drawers. Now there are no extra (painful) Legos lying on the floor. 

I also found Muurame Neppari cabinets with glass doors and could not be happier. Cabinets have good, sturdy closing system and depth is only 28 cm. I can also see these furnitures as long-term investments.

Muurame Neppari  cabinets with glass doors and shelves have some Lego Elves and Star Wars inside. Few paintings from young artist waiting to be hung on the wall ;)
There are more Legos in white boxes under school desk.

Extra table space, when needed. Legs are foldable so depth is just 28 cm when table is unfolded. Drawers contain Schleich animals and surprisingly more Legos. 

I created some extra space under Muurame Jungmanni loft bed by adding two additional shelves. Shelves are hidden well behind stairs and room does not look cluttered.

Lego has numerous different small parts, which found their way to black organiser with transparent boxes. Bigger parts are in Lego boxes. Main thing was that there's easy access to all Legos. 

How about you? What kind of storage ideas do you have? Next time I'll post about lightning kids' room. Have a nice weekend!

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Shoe cabinet ideas

Do you use Pinterest to find storage, interior ideas etc.? Me too. This idea was something which I came up with few years before Pinterest, when we were building/having built this house. At that time I got my interior ideas mainly from Scandinavian magazines and English-written interior design books. 

Luckily we were introduced to carpenter firm from Southern Ostrobothnia. It was recommended by my parents. We made sketches for kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and bathroom cabinets. They delivered well in time our order and we assembled cabinets, without any previous experience. Electricity attachments and plumbing were naturally left to professionals. I was and am extremely satisfied with preciseness they had in everything. Measurements, materials were what we asked etc. I was also pleased that when asked if this or that is difficult to make there was always one or several ways to do it.

Shoe cabinet idea was my own crazy idea, which carpenter said to be easy to make. So we proceeded that crazy idea.  




Wallpapering was done before cabinet was placed.
Wallpaper from Laura Ashley.
Clutch Marimekko Vellamo

Air conditioning channel goes behind shoe cabinet. Waste space which we wanted to have in use. After all we had planned to have wardrobe with sliding doors there. All it needed was bit wider sliding door and extra cabinet with shelves. 

Shoes stay in order, you can have doors open and when kept closed shoes don't get so much dust...

In my experience this was a good idea. And you can of course have books etc on the shelves.

Next time something else!

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Just few kilometres from Helsinki airport..

Red rosy cheeks,  crispy weather and snow everywhere. What a wonderful day! Even sun was on our side and we got a chance to enjoy  it all on Sunday. Only thing we were missing was hot chocolate. Well, we took few cups when we got home :) By the way, if you wonder why people are using someone's premises, in this case it's legal. 

Now it's  only -15 degrees in Celsius here (around 5 degrees in Fahrenheit)and still the weather is ok. Ok, again depends on how you dress. I bicycle all-year-around and it's crucial to have enough clothes (not too much or too little).

Hopefully there will be snow for the next few weeks...or months..
In the next post I have details about DIY shoe closet and some table lamp ideas for bedroom...

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Hamptons beach house bedroom at home

DIY shoe closet with Laura Ashley wallpaper. 
About that later...

This table needs a proper table lamp...

I have a confession to make. I have dreamt about beach house in Long Island and more precisely in Hamptons. Since it's quite long way to NY I decided to create a beach house to our bedroom. It's a quite a difference indoors compared to outdoors now but I don't care.

Wallpapering turned out to be more challenging than I thought. My sister had advised me to slide mural a bit but this was more papery material so it did not work how we had planned. Photo mural got stuck quite easily. I decided not to give up.  Photo mural was not completely stuck and we could lift it gently. Luckily we had laser spirit level so we could keep mural in line. Finally we succeeded. 

What do you think? I apologise that there are no before -pictures. I  managed to loose cameras memory card. If you want to have more details, just ask in the question box.

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Snowy Helsinki and few words about sexual harassment

I was making some sale shopping and took some pictures on a crispy winter day. Beautiful hovering snowflakes was something else what I wanted to write this time. The following subject was laid on the table few months ago. I was having dinner with my friends and we discussed about sexual assaults and harassment. In Finland and abroad. 

I can relate to those who have experienced sexual harassment. In my opinion those men who assault sexually women or girls do not have any right to do so. No one should stand assaults at home or at work.

Last weeks I have read articles about sexual harassment in Köln (Cologne), Helsinki and Stockholm. Some authorities had even tried to whitewash the problem. I think that it is unexceptable. Hiding the problem makes it even worse because it gives a silent message to molester that his actions are silently approved. And I want to clarify that I mean every molester, also domestic ones.

In the end I wish that sexual harassment discussion will also influence on everyday life. That women have right for physical integrity (and psychological as well). It should be a norm. After all we live in the 21st century. I know that it's not a norm, but we can make a difference !

Have a good Thursday!   

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Florist's Kukka Varpukka Ikaalinen and tips for using Savoy vase

Aalto iconic Savoy vase 30-30 

with tulips, carnations and eustomas

Flower arrangement for christening table was bought from Kukka Varpukka, Ikaalinen. Bouquet had beautiful white tulips with hint of pale rose colour, pink carnations and white eustomas.

Varpu Suontaka-Lahtinen is a very talented and enthusiastic florist who runs an own florist's in Ikaalinen. She is also judge in international florist contests and has also been creating an European flower binding judge degree. Customers, from near and far are well-aware of this flower shop. This is also one of The Places for students who do their flower binding internships in Finland and I think it's remarkable for town with less than 8000 inhabitants. 

Varpu gave us few really good tips for flower arrangements. Fortunately we had  vase with us so Varpu and other florist made flower arrangement directly to vase. As icing of the cake she advised us how to use Aalto vase for flowers in different ways. We have always considered Aalto vase beautiful, but difficult vase for different bouquets. It has mainly  been "tulip vase". Varpu advised that you can easily put small bouquet to other end of vase. In other words, you don’t have to fill the entire vase but it will look beautiful in your home. I  will definitely try. 

Pictures are taken in her flower shop and christening flower arrangement. 

Have a good Monday!

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Beginning of year 2016

Aalto Savoy vase 30-30.
Flower arrangement from Kukka Varpukka.

Raspberry mousse cake and double  chocolate mousse cake
(behind on the right).

Happy new year 2016! Hopefully you have had a good start for this year. We were at family friends at New Year's eve and the day after we started to prepare christening.

Flowers, food, dessert table, linen, pom poms... All in all everything went really well when things were done together.

Christening was warm-hearted occasion with bunch of family and closest people. Fortunately I had a camera man who took all the pictures that day :)

In the next post I will tell more about christening flowers and florist behind them. 'Til then..Have a lovely day!

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