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Tips for using and buying Marimekko

Firstly, my apologies for having kept you waiting. I've been busy and my second half just started his specialisation studies and needs my our Mac. I should just assemble Lightroom and Photoscape to tabletop. If I say later it means never. So I'll do it after this post.

In the previous post I promised to tell about pregrowing and rearrangements with our garden. At the moment I'm waiting an answer from Tregren, concerning their indoor garden Herbie so my post about indoor and outdoor garden will delay.
Picture credit by: Picture of Sports Illustrated’s December 1960cover with President JF Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy from // Credit: Picture collage from George Interior design 

However today is a Marimekko day. Marimekko has bold and well recognisable prints. Some people remember Marimekko from the 1960's, when Jacqueline  'Jackie' Kennedy wore Marimekko dresses on the President campaign. Women at my age remember Carrie Bradshaw's Tantsu curtains, Marimekko bikini and dresses and blue Unikko table cloth at Samantha's  pool  party.

 They recently started a brief collaboration with Target. Unfortunately items are only sold in USA. Lucky guys! I was delighted to notice that they had such a variety for the campaign. Products for outdoors, patio, kids and different size women. 

Picture credit by: Target

Although I did not get a chance to purchase any Marimekko items I got lucky in other way. 
One older lady had different curtains and linen and asked to take some with.  And yes, there were these Kaivo curtains, which seem to be on Target as well. Besides Kaivo curtains there were some other Marimekko curtains-about those later.

Although curtains were a bit older the fabric was in immaculate condition and colours had stayed really well.  Of course there's a tip to wash Marimekko fabrics, which I learned few years ago on a Marimekko factory tour in Herttoniemi HQ. 

At first, follow wash care symbols. If washing instructions say that wash in 60 degrees of Celsius, wash item in 60 degrees. Especially the first wash is crucial. If you wash in colder temperature you might end up having curtains or garment with colours spread all over. Guide gave also good advice what to do if fabric is washed in lower temperatures, but because I don't remember accurate temperature I'll leave the subject so far.

Having said that I have also silk tunic/dress Piranha with a separate polyester lining. Washing instruction advices not to wash garment. I have to admit that I have turned Piranha upside down and washed tunic in our washing machine in 30 degrees of Celsius with silk and wool program using silk and wool liquid detergent. And tunic is still as good as new.

Of course this is not general advice. I guess Marimekko has made safety precaution  because silk is such a delicate material and they want dress to stay in good condition. But remember to wash curtains in 60 degrees of Celsius if they are adviced so. 

Marimekko Piranha silk dress and Vellamo clutch
And about Marimekko I have few more tips. Marimekko has their annual sale, ystävämyynti going on at the moment. They have fabrics, scarves, clothes, accessories etc.

If you come to Helsinki-Vantaa airport the closest factory outlet is near, in Sähkötie 2-6. It's my favourite one. It's not super crowded and it has had good selection for my needs. It takes nowadays aroun half an hour to get there. I would use I-train from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Aviapolis (Aviapoliksen asema) (Take seutulippu then take bus 561 from platform 13 (Laituri 13) to Tammistontie. Marimekko Outlet is just few hundred meters away, on the other side of the road. Free, English Journey Planner is here

(If you use public transportation constantly during your visit, buy day tickets. Selling points at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport are here-remember to choose Airport Helsinki-Vantaa as area. And prices are found here.Ok, bit off-topic but hopefully that helps.)

Have a good weekend!

PS: Next time something about indoor/outdoor garden or more Marimekko or...

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Asparagus time

After a cold and dark winter asparagus is one of the first signs of spring. Pick up a fresh bunch of asparagus from the farmer's market or grocery store. Choose spears that are uniform in size or cook first thicker spears and then add the thinner ones. When you get home rinse asparagus spears and peel off the woody part and white asparagus throughly. I tend to bend asparagus spears a little so that it breaks easily (approx. 5 cm leaves, depending how young/old spears are).

Put spears into boiling salted water. I usually add few pinches of sugar and few slices of lemon. Cook for some time-again depends on spear size and age. It takes usually less than  five minutes. I usually tend to taste bigger spears, in order to have some idea how soft or crisp they are. Still, don’t lift the lid too often. When asparagus spears are al dente put them promptly to ice water in order to stop cooking process. 

Serve with warm hollandaise sauce. Béarnaise sauce goes also together with asparagus. Cold smoked salmon goes well with asparagus. So does prosciutto. Serving asparagus in salads and as a side dish (for example lamb )suits well. 

Bon Appétit & bon week-end!

Next time something about pre-growing...

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