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Outdoors-- Siberian larch and about terrace decking

In the previous post I promised to tell about pregrowing and rearrangements with our garden. At the moment garden looks like it is one of  theattendants for "Worst garden in Finland". So there will be no pictures about garden. Ok, two about our cherry tree, but that will be all :)


We will  remake terrace decking together with pergola or covered terrace. Siberian larch will be used as decking material. We will most propably use both smooth larch and larch with anti-slip surface. At the moment we are seeking for a a company which sells Siberian larch in 5 meter long-in order to minimise waste. Same in Finnish:  Etsitään yrityksiä, joilla on myydä 5 metriä pitkää, uritettua siperian lehtikuusta.
Siberian Larch - anti-slip surface. Photo credit by: Rustimber
Why Siberian larch? Siberian larch is tougher and more durable than most of the decking materials. It's free from harmful substances and  there is no need to either prime or paint after installing deck. Colour is first honey-brownish turning greyish in few years.

We will mostly use anti-slip/wavy, surface although it will be a compromise. We have seen few siberian larch deckings with smooth surface which had cracks. Some say that this wavy surface doesn't get cracks so easily. Well, time will tell. Wavy surface is a compromise because we don't know how clean  wavy decking stays.
Our other option was composite decking made of sawdust and plastic polymers. We considered composite as an option until we saw slightly broken terrace decking in Finnish Housing Fair. It was a turn-off. We started to think how we would change broken part. What if the rest of the terrace decking was completely different shade of grey/brown? I'm not convinced that colour stays the same throughout years.

What about old terrace? I'll get back to you as soon as possible to post about that and about pergola and covered terrace.

Have a good weekend!

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