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DIY sofa table

Sofa table was made of remaining wood material from terrace decking.  It's sturdy and my kind of table because I don't want everything to be from big furniture suppliers. It's also right size and we can put it next to window, in front of sofa and next to sofa.

I'm amazed how much changing sofa table and rug can do. Sofa and Woodnotes' K chairs are far most expensive items in the living room so this is an inexpensive way and it changes the whole look. 

As days get darker I  brought PS Stockholm lamp downstairs from workroom and it makes room look modern. It also creates beautiful, indirect light what I appreciate while working. Nowadays it seems hard to find nice looking table lamps from IKEA. Or is it just me getting pickier?

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Meanwhile in wintery Finland...

In Finland we're currently living in a real winter wonderland. Lots of snow and still not too cold. This is what winter should look like. Hopefully snow does not melt in weeks (or months). Have a winter-wonderful Friday!

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Ikea Lohals and new sofa table DIY plans

Some changes were made in our living room last week. Sisal rug was changed to Ikea's Lohals (former Tarnby/Tårnby) jute rug.

Lohals is as timeless as Egeby was. It also feels more comfortable under feet. However, I'm considering buying rug underlay with antislip. Although we have kept rug outdoors and I've beaten carpet numerous times it feels as carpet has endless amount of sand hidden inside.

Yes, I know that Lohals carpets are somehow sun-dried on/over sand. I wanted to believe that I don't need extra antislip under carpet. Still, even hardwood floor does not help in case sand keeps coming on the floor.

 Also sofa table will be changed within few weeks. Previous sofa table was PS 2012 with DIY marble surface.   Following pictures give  some hint about upcoming change.

Found those gorgeous lavenders from Pirilän Kukkatalo. Hopefully I'm able to keep them alive until next spring

Secondly, Mads Mikkelsen (talented Danish actor from such films as The Hunt, Casino Royale and Efter brylluppet) caught my immediate attention while shopping at Vepsäläinen. BoConcept is one of my favourite brands and  for example their Melo sofa bed has been worth every penny.

BoConcept magazine had also very similar integrated audio system as Murean, which I presented while ago. Vepsäläinen and Muurame surprised me in a pleasent way.. Will tell about that later..

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