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Television room and planned obsolescence

Last weekend offered few rays of light, which was ideal for shooting pictures in television room. Television room is always quite dim and offers too little light so I tend to take pictures only when there is more than enough light available.

I also took pictures in the bathroom, when suddenly it occurred to me. Theme of this year, or one of the main themes. Built-in obsolescence has been on my mind since I began writing this blog. When we're renewing apartment we want to make it so that we would not throw things to garbage bin. Preferably I have sold some items in the second hand market.  During last few years it has not always been possible. All thank's to poor quality. 

Besides planned obsolescence I'll have few words about sustainable development and at least once a month I promise to write about price-worthy products. With quality over quantity thinking in mind. So that reality does not slip away I'll share some of bad day's shopping, which I don't recommend.

But hey, without getting too serious, this is how television room looks at the moment..

Wider, stone-black Woodnotes K chair has permanently moved to television room. This has turned out to be a good choice although kids sometimes use this as a coat rack.

Woollen Jalpaikka rug goes well with oriental tray table. Tray table is actually from limited collection. Can you guess from which collection? Here is the "marble table" we had earlier.

Have a good week!

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LUX Helsinki 2017

Lux Helsinki is an art exhibition, which was held recently. Some of the art pieces were really ambitious and well-made. Especially Helsinki Senate Square and surroundings was surrounded by different light art pieces.

This piece was one of my favourites. Light Pipes was designed by Rölli Ridanpää and Tero Laine.

Helsinki Cathedral was dressed in light purple, pale pink and different light themes. I was bit disappointed with lightning since Cathedral is like a big white, empty canvas that you could  turn into what ever you want. 

On our way home we stopped by Minna Parikka shoe store at Aleksanterinkatu.

My daughter couldn't believe her ears when I told her that these My Little Pony inspired Sparks Pink shoes are worn by ladies, also at my age. As being so sceptic I had to show her pictures of ladies, who wear Minna Parikka shoes.

It's interesting how childen associate certain things for certain age or gender. Although we have always addressed how important it is to "be yourself" and "wear what you want" and "have your own opinions" it seems to be crucial for kids to be part of certain groups and wear certain things. However, I'm still proud as some things are unique. Personality differentiates kids although they wear same or similar clothes. 

And after all I'm really pleased that kids seem to wear comfortable, yet good-looking clothes. Perhaps I'll make some sneak peeks to wardrobe some day. Mine and my daughter's. 

But now it's time to get some sleep.. Have a good week! 

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Welcome year 2017

 Few snapshots from the end of year 2016 and beginning of year 2017 in Helsinki. Looking forward what the year 2017 brings.

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