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Konmari in kids room

I've finished reading KonMari and managed to sell almost every misfitting outfit. Broken one's will end up in a rug. I would love to say that I'm practical, tidy person who lives in a house where no one is messy and house is not cluttered. Well, house is not that cluttered because I have learned to organise and recycle things. With clothes and especially with accessories I still have things to learn.

Few years ago I wanted room to be cleaned nearly every day, but now I have given more responsibility for our pre-teen. Sometimes clothes are found here and there. Naturally we recycle and sell too-small clothes, but still you need a lot of space for everything child needs. Wintersports, spring and fall clothes, school clothes (not uniform, but extra clothes), shoes, Halloween, different sorts of dresses etc. You name it!

And then there are toys and board games. Girls have somehow found Barbies, which I was thinking to sell recently. And you know how much Barbies have clothes, shoes and other knick knacks..So every time when I see kids room I breathe and think to myself as Albert Einstein  " If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?".

These days Barbies seem to be even more popular than LittlestPetShops or Legos (although you would think otherwise from following picture).

This is one of the "cleanest messes". As you can see, Arne Jacobsen's Ant chairs have still no new paint. I like them the way they are.

From Jacobsen to another Danish company...My request to Lego Company: make some pre-teen appealing Legos also for girls. Elves and Friends Legos are about to get too childish in this age group and girls are not into firefighter, police officers Star Wars, Ninjago etc. For example Mindstorms with unisex theme, since coding and programming interests girls too.

Have a good week!

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Pruning hedge and waiting for hedgehogs

It's time to prune dead cherry tree branches and to trim white-cedars (Thuja occidentalis).  Our white-cedars are "Smagrad" species and have grown up to 2,5 meters in less than 10 years. There were no damaged or diseased branches and all we had to do was prune overgrown tops.

Although I considered taking someone to trim I'd say that fortunately decided to do it myself. This was one of the easiest gardening tasks-just follow care instructions. Under the hedge is a food plate ready for visiting hedgehogs.

Magnolia was covered with some branches. Magnolia was bought late fall from my favourite garden centre, Pirilän Kukkatalo and was kept in storage until now. 

Decided to take some cherry branches in too. 

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Favourite ladies watches

In my previous post I shared my thoughts about quality differences between cheap and expensive women's watches. This post is all about different favourite dress and everyday watches in wide price-range, with quality over quantity in mind.

Main principles in choosing a watch were durability, water resistance and look, that suits for my style.

Minimum requirements: 
o         screen/ glass case - sapphire glass
o         preferably Swiss-made
o         stainless steel throughout case and strap
o         timeless design
o         movement - automatic or quartz, no particular need for either automatic or quartz
o         water resistance -depends on use


Audemars Piguet Millenary Hand-Wound is a piece of jewellery itself. Swiss-made tourbillon with white gold skeleton case, diamonds here and there. This watch is pricey ( 261,000 USD.), but I'll definately save to my list.


My ultimate dream dress watch is Omega Constellation, which ticks all the boxes. Elegant, timeless design and Swiss-made wrist watch. 
Price is affordable, around 2,900 USD.


(Candino C4521_1) Candino was a real surprise. The company had some very intriguing watches in very reasonably priced (around 300 USD.). This quartz watch would be ideal in everyday use. Really liked about the fact that this still has sapphire glass and reasonable water resistance combined with modern, sportyish look.


Last, but definately not least is a top-of-the-line watchmaker's watch. Kari Voutilainen's Zodiac works with award-winning Vingt-8 movement. The case features Voutilainen's signature, teardrop lugs. It's beautiful, without too much attention. I loved that in this model the watch does not scream for "Hi, I'm made by X-company". It's all about paying attention into time and quality. Hand-made by Voutilainen and priced at around 100,000 USD. It's pricey, but unique.

Having said that, which watch was your favourite?

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Quality in cheap and expensive women's watches

One of the most read post in my blog history is about Suunto Ventus , which has been in everyday use for six years. Watch is still in pristine condition and I really like how it matches what I wear daily. Watch is a reflection of one's personal taste in accessories and Ventus gives some edge for what I wear in daily basis. 

My second half has the same series watch. He has Suunto Ventus with black case and black leather. He was the one who suggested this watch with white silicone strap in the first place. Besides Ventus I've got few other Suunto sport watches ( Ambit, M5 and X5HR. I'm currently looking for a proper dress watch and wanted to find out what makes some watches cost more than others.

Everyday-watches: Suunto Ventus watches with white silicone and Suunto Ventus with black leather strap.

When I put myself into consumer's position I see few trends. As an upcoming trend I see women more and more as buyers.

Cheaper or more expensive watches?

At the other end of the scale there are trendy, cheaper "affordable luxury" watches which are advertized aggressively, in blogs, women magazines etc. Daniel Wellington, Brathwait, Cluse, Skagen, Lord - few to mention. Watches look appealing. At first preppy, timeless look made an impact, even to me. 

Obviously at the other end of the scale are luxury timepieces, engineering marvels, which can easily cost more than a family home. Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Breitling- just few to mention. Expensive watches have a huge range of different watches. There are skeleton and bracelet watches, individual watchmaker's watches, watches that you don't have to lubricate or adjust etc. Materials are also high-end from gold to platinum. Of course there is also _some_ brand value added on these watches.

Trendy, cheaper scale watches could be considered for everyday use - although cheap and trendy does not come with capacity meant to last. Water resistance in these watches is usually up to 3 atm, which practically means that few raindrops are still ok but that' s quite it. Do these watches stand swet or hard rain? I have my doubts. 10 atm watches are practically waterproof (swimproof) watches. For example Ventus is one of those watches. I wonder why many of the pricier, dress watches have just 3 atm waterproofness. Does it have something to do with the fact that these watches are considered just for festive occasions? 

Case colour in cheaper watches can be for example rose gold. And when it says colour it really does  mean it in cheaper watches. There can be a hint of rose golden coloured material and when it vanishes usually watch ends up looking unappealing. Also stainless steel can just be in the back of the watch-where it says "stainless steel". I just wonder, what is the point in buying a new 150€ watch every two years? With that money one could easily buy one 500-1000€ watch. 

Here's what happens to watch with mineral glass case if it gets one hit too much (Photo credit by: Tradesy)

Screen in the cheaper watches is usually (thin) glass and that's acceptable, if watch is in gentle use. Glass case can be either mineral glass, acrylic or synthetic sapphire. From these three acrylic glass can get easily scratches and mineral glass can break. Synthetic sapphire has the best durability. 

 "The components and pieces that make up a watch are extremely complex and take up a good deal of space and weight". Sitation from: Kate and Brett McKay. Couldn't say it better, this says it all. Naturally, as said before used materials affect on watch prices, but also what is inside of the watch-machinery, chosen technology, internal mechanism etc. costs. As a ground rule, heavy watch is well-made.

As a conclusion, take some time before choosing your wrist watch. Don't take the cheapest one immediately-find out more about what are chosen materials, internal mechanism etc. And last, reflect your personal style. 

In the next post I'll introduce some of the most interesting dress and everyday watches. Have a good week!

PS: No collaboration made with Suunto or Amer Sports. All opinions are my own.

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